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Precision agriculture platform

Insights that grow farm profits powered by aerial data and analytics.

Drone imaging & data

Our analytics tools help you interpret your data—translating what you can see in your imagery into what you can do about it.

From imagery to action

KaraAgro AI & Drones

We give you the tools to make actionable decisions on your farm. We help you with our systems to be able to inspect each and every crop on your field and understand their health, in order to detect and control diseases, pests, water shortages and nutrient deficiency earlier than usual.

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Our Solutions
Reduce costs, improve yields.



Using high-resolution aerial imagery our drones can pick out anomalies that are difficult to see while on the ground. This precise data collection ensures the use of accurate data in mitigating risks.


Advanced analysis

High-resolution multispectral imagery is only the beginning. Our analytics tools help you interpret your data—translating what you can see in your imagery into what you can do about it.



Actionable decisions are made based on valuable insights gained from the aerial footage and analysis, this helps in developing and refining farm-level strategy to meet management goals and deliver ongoing improvements.

Crop Inspection.

We make it easy to monitor and inspect your field from the comfort of your personal devices, and identify the specific crops requiring further investigation. We provide 2D and 3D maps of your farm to help in planning, farm managment and farm showcasing at any stage of crop growth cycle

Early Warning & Plant Health Assessment.

Our system detects stresses (diseases, pests, water shortage and nutrient deficiency) in plants up to 10 days before it becomes visible to the human eye.

Canopy Cover Assessment.

We are able to compare the height and size of each crop on your field and determine crops and regions with growth challenges.


Below are two versions of our application that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). The application looks at drone images of cashew trees and informs the user whether any part of a cashew tree is affected by:

KaraAgro AI developed CADI AI and KaraAgro AI4Cashew. CADI AI was developed for the initiatives “Market-Oriented Value Chains for Jobs & Growth in the ECOWAS Region (MOVE/Comcashew)” and FAIR Forward - Artificial Intelligence for All. Both initiatives are implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

CADI AI and KaraAgro AI4Cashew support farmers as an early warning system to quickly identify problems in their cashew farms and to keep their crops healthier and more yielding.

Download KaraAgro AI4Cashew


  • Secure the application and data with accounts login and logout
  • Backup application data to the cloud
  • Access application data accross multiple devices
  • Supported by KaraAgro AI

Download CADI AI


  • No authentication required, just launch and use
  • Fully open source and customizable
  • Supported by open source community
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